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1) How can I take measurements before purchasing a new garage door?

Keep in mind that for an existing door, rather than taking the measurements of the current door, make sure to measure the opening (height & width) of the existing frame on the right side, center, and the left side. Then, take the largest of three.


FAQs - garage door measurements

2) How much headroom is required above a commercial garage door?

There are different lift types for commercial garage doors. When we are dealing with “Standard” lift, please find below the headroom required based on the type of hardware.

TypeRadius: 12 inchesRadius: 15 inches
2 inch Commercial Door height: 8 to 12 ft.12 inchesN.A.
2 inch Commercial Door height : over 12 ft.13 ½ inches15 inches
3 inches IndustrialN.A.15 inches

Special Notes : * If you have a trolley-type operator, make sure to add 2 ½ inches.

IMPORTANT: Do “Standard” lift movement if you have over 2 ft. (61 cm) of headroom. Make sure to use a “High Lift” movement. It is necessary to allow clear space above the garage door.

For Low Headroom garage, the minimum headroom requirement is this following:

TypeLow Headroom Rear InstallationLow Headroom Front Installation
2 inches Commercial Door height: 8 to 12 ft.4 inches8 inches
2 inches Commercial Door height: over 12 ft.4 inches11 inches
3 inches Industrial11 inches13 inches

FAQs - residential garage door measurements

3) What better to have one double garage door (16×7) or two single garage doors (8×7)?

There are a few areas to consider. First, if for some reason the double garage door does not open (i.e.: hardware or opener failure), you understand that both cars will be locked inside the garage. To be in that kind of situation with two single doors is most likely impossible. With two single garage doors (8×7) you will have at least access to one of your cars.

Another thing to think about is If you live where the weather tends to get pretty cold, opening a double door will let more cold wind in, than opening a single one, and no matter how insulated is your garage doors, with double door the temperature inside your garage will drop faster.

Is there is any price difference or extra charges? No.

The price for two single doors is almost equal to the price as for a double door (16×7).

4) For residential garage, is all the hardware is the same?

Defiantly not, it is depending on the brand of your garage door. When you shop for a new garage door, make sure the rollers come with a mechanism that has at least 10 ball bearings.

5) What the different between insulated garage door and non insulated garage door

Let’s compare them:

Insulated Garage Door

Non Insulated Garage Door

Keeping warm temperature inside the garage

This door is constructed with only single layer of steel

Less noise

In the summer they tend to overheat in extreme hot weather, same as for the winter they allow the cold weather to get inside your house.

Stronger (good for double garage door larger)

Your heat pump will work much harder to keep the balance

You can also compare by looking at the attached images, it shows clearly the difference between insulated and non insulated garage door.

FAQs- insulated and non-insulated garage door


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