Signs of a Broken Garage Door Spring

When you call the professionals to talk about issues with your garage door, it can help to know what signs to look for when explaining the issue. If the issue is a broken garage door spring, there are several signs that could be present that points to this being the issue. These signs include:

  • • The cables of the garage door appear to be broken. The cables may be laying on the ground or flying every which way, and it is easy to see these being broken when you look at the garage door.
  • • The door will start to go up, then stops. You may find that the door only raises about six inches before it stops and then goes back down or stays six inches off the ground.
  • • You heard a loud bank in the garage, which is often what the spring sounds like when it breaks.
  • The top section of the actual garage door is actually bent. When the door tries to open, it is not uncommon for the door to become bent on the top, which can affect it opening in the future and result in needing a new door as well as a spring.
  • • The spring may be in need of professional repair if you notice that the door tends to jerk when going up and down.
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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

Not many homeowners give garage door spring any thoughts, but we have to keep in mind that springs are the muscles of your garage door hardware system and they give the most support to the lift system. The usual lifetime of garage door spring is about 7-10 years (the numbers could be vary depending on the using cycle). Take a second to think all they go through: when garage door spring is getting to their peak performance, they are always under an amount of tension plus add the stress of the Canadian cold weather.

Our garage door is controlled by the torsion springs which applies through the shaft with the help of garage door drums, the cable is attached to the drum which is connected to the bottom of the garage door. You can always count on our experienced team to fix your garage spring, to book an appointment or for FREE consultation simply just give us a call. 

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Garage Door Spring Sizes 

The size of the springs that run garage doors are dependent upon the size of the door. The sizes are measured in length since the spring is what plays a major role in the door going up and down. For example, a seven foot tall garage door will have a spring that is a standard 25″ in length, but when it stretches it goes to 42″ . An eight foot tall door will have a 28″ spring that stretches to 48″. The size of the spring in which a homeowner is going to need is going to depend upon the size of the garage door. In addition, the system that is being used for the door may have one or two springs, and each could be a different size depending upon the system. If you notice noises, the door jerking or the door simply won’t open, then call us. We are here seven days a week to deal with any garage door problems that you may have.

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